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We worked alongside our project partners RSM and 2 universities in Leeds Luminate Group & Chester Student Union in delivering a 60-minute lunch-time workshop to universities across the UK discussing the work that is currently being done surrounding Sexual harassment risk within education, internal audit themes delivered by Louise Tweedie (RSM) and how Safer Dance can provide impact through student engagement.


Sexual Harassment in Universities – Support for change


Developing a strategy for Sexual Harassment risk is not a one-size fits all approach but it’s about curating a continuous improvement plan that suits your organisational needs and risk profile. After working closely with Lumiate Education Group & Chester Student Union, we were proud to welcome them to the call to discuss the impact that was made by working alongside ourselves and project partners RSM and how they have positively moved their approach forward to better managing Sexual Harassment Risk.


“This has been a valuable piece of work for the University, as we continue our work in tackling the sexual violence agenda. The whole process of working with RSM/Safer Dance has been very efficient and they have been easy to work with, but in return we have a comprehensive report and action plan to help us to shape our next steps in this area.”  – University of Chester


We discussed our 4-step framework that ensures effective engagement and management of sexual harassment prevention. Acknowledge, Commitment, Plan, Continuous Improvement. Find out more about our Self Assessment that covers these 4 areas within our membership programme.

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