Maturity Assessment


Student Union Sexual Harassment Maturity Assessment

RSM’s Sexual Harassment Maturity assessment undertaken by Chester Students Unions and Leeds Luminate Group offers an in-depth assessment of your current efforts in managing sexual harassment. The risk maturity assessment and improvement map outlines the potential enhancements that could be made to the management of sexual harassment at your organisation. This assessment is advisory in nature, therefore no opinion has been provided. This work involved a desktop review of relevant policies, a review of current public communications, interviews with staff, Office of Students Expectations and a workshop to discuss results.




From the work conducted, key recommendations were given to filter into the organisation’s continuous improvement plan. By highlighting the gaps that were identified gave the organisations the opportunity to improve their approach of sexual harassment management. The work encompassed a full consultation covering strategy, scrutiny & oversight, policies, risk assessment, measurement, training, investigations, and continuous improvement.


“This has been a valuable piece of work for the University, as we continue our work in tackling the sexual violence agenda. The whole process of working with RSM/Safer Dance has been very efficient and they have been easy to work with, but in return, we have a comprehensive report and action plan to help us to shape our next steps in this area. – University Of Chester


Find out more about our Self Assessment through our membership programme here.

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