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Assignment curation for Music Industries

Safer Dance collaborated with the Music Industries course at Birmingham City University to offer a variety of integrated assignments as part of their Live Production module. Our objective was to stimulate dialogue and encourage students to develop innovative approaches to addressing safety risks faced by the music industry. We explored imaginative but necessary methods for implementing progressive practices that would enhance overall attitudes and behaviors in this field.




Safer Dance was established in 2019 as a result of a university research study that examined sexual harassment in the music industry. From the beginning, we have recognised the importance of early education and actively involving younger individuals as a powerful preventive measure.


We believe that engaging with the younger demographic can serve as a catalyst for the cultural transformation we strive for. We acknowledge that collaborating with educational institutions to provide safety sessions within the realm of music is crucial in reshaping the prevailing discourse on risk within the industry.


Safety is a daily application that should be at the forefront of thinking and we believe by engaging a younger demographic we can develop more creative solutions to tackle societal challenges which could have a prospective impact on the music industry.


Birmingham City University campus


  • Created a brief to deliver to BCU students.
  • Group discussion
  • Created actions to move ideations forward
  • Group Debates
  • Open room to discuss sensitive issues



In the ever-changing music landscape future-proofing, the industry we all love has never been so important. With the rise of cost-of-living, Covid-19 recovery nightlife businesses are more vulnerable than ever. Music has always brought people together, Music is about freedom, expression, and togetherness, and doing so in safe spaces.


“With Safer Dance providing the opportunities for my music industries students to play a supportive role in the research and development of the Safer Dance initiative, it has enabled my students to think about issues around personal safety in clubs, live music venues and festivals.  By doing so my students have  helped develop strategic and professional solutions to addressing this important issue. Jack and Sam have been integral in enabling and empowering my students with many of the professional entrepreneurial skills required to work within the dynamic and ever evolving music industries.” – Dr Matt Grimes FHEA – Senior Lecturer in Music Industries and Radio


  • Crowd engagement and dancefloor etiquette
  • Mental Health toolbox for touring artists & teams
  • Automated Anti-Spiking lid machinery to assist venues mass produce for large scale concerts
  • Awareness around EDI – Breaking down barriers specific to genres of music


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