We have been busy

Since our inception in 2019 we have continued to develop the ideation around a sexual harrasment reduction framework that is accessible for all that operate within the nightime economy. Countless hours of research, consultations with experts in Risk, Sexual Violence & the music industry has lead us to the present day.

Through a collaborative approach with the MeToo #ForTheMusic campaign we were introduced to a handful of venues to discuss our approach and our vision for the future. Through data collection & analysis of various surveys, policies & interviews we have been able to create a direct report that outlines a 12 month continuous improvement plan to assist with their outstanding efforts in combatting sexual misconduct.

We have successfully undertaken 2 pilot tests with venues based in the UK; Fabric London & Invisible Wind Factory Liverpool.

See the Fabric Case Study
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“If your serious about tackling this issue, Safer.Dance can help”

- Luke Lawes (Operations Director)

Making a difference

Below is some of work we’ve done alongside brilliant organisations standing up for sexual harrassment within the music industry.

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A message from our founder

'Safer Dance 'is passionate about ensuring everyone is safe, both emotionally and physically. We are honoured to be working with organisations that share that same passion and dream; we want to commend the efforts that everyone is making to ensure our spaces are safer, for everyone”

- Sam Hennerly, Co-Founder
Sam Hennerly