Our Attitude Towards Mental Health

Published 20:58, 08/02/22

Jack Young

It is time we started paying serious attention to mental health. Not just of men but women too.
Everyone needs to help each other out, and it is not going to be easy here are some stats:

1. Men commit suicide at three times the rate of women.
2. In the UK, suicide rates are highest for men aged 40-49.
3. Psychological therapies are less common among men than among women: only 36% of
referrals to NHS talking therapies are male.
4. In comparison to women, men are nearly three times more likely to become alcohol
dependent (8.7% of men are dependent, compared to 3.3% of women).
5. In the UK, 12.5% of men suffer from a mental health disorder.
These are just a few of the statistics. Attitudes towards mental health for men is slowly improving
and there are many charities who want to help. The top charity is Mind! But what are somethings
you can try if you can’t get help from a charity or the NHS?

We found five you might want to look at:

1. Elefriend – A Social Network for mental health like Facebook
2. Woebot Health – Chatbot for mental health (There are many like it) –
3. Calm – A meditation app – https://www.calm.com/
4. Manup! UK Men’s mental health podcast hosted by Andy Richardson and Tommy Danquah it
aims to help get men talking. You can find them in Apple Music, Sound Cloud, Spotify, or
their website – https://www.manupuk.com/
5. Mental Health groups – https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/local-minds.aspx
It is essential to consider that not all this option will work for individuals. Don’t be disheartened if
something doesn’t work for yourself or another person. It is important to be patient, be kind and to
listen. For more advice, please visit them, Charity Mind, the link will take you to mens mental health