Join the movement

Join the movement

The Safer.Dance membership brings together years of research of what organisations of all shapes and sizes need to better manage Sexual Harrasment Risk.

We have created a 4 pillar approach that is easy to implement whilst generating maximum engagement within your organisation. Want to join a community of doers & like-minded individuals who are passionate about making our spaces safer?

What can we provide?

The Safer Dance membership will give venues, promoters, and individuals alike the opportunity to join a community of doers. They will be granted access to a range of resources that are actively being used within the field to improve the safety of customers, contractors, and employees.

A toolbox of material that provides insight, training, and access to support services/peer networking to actively engage in our continuous improvement roadmap. We are on a mission to improve the safety of our spaces, and change attitudes and behaviors in relation to sexual harassment. This membership provides the necessary tools to educate, communicate and commit to eradicating the problem of sexual misconduct within our industry.

The membership can be paid annually for a fee of £199 or monthly for £29.95.

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The Self-Assessment tool gives us an understanding of your current arrangements for managing sexual harassment risk, focusing on 4 key components; Acknowledgment, Commitment, Planning arrangement (reporting mechanisms, risk assessments), and your approach and attitude to continuous improvement surrounding customer & staff welfare.

The feedback will provide you with an in-depth presentation that can be used for staff training, and onboarding alongside recommendations on how to improve in areas such as; policy, reporting, and communication strategy. This will be developed and reported by risk consultants at RSM UK

What do we stand for?

Do you want to be a part of a community of like minded doers? Are you someone who is passionate about making a change? Do you want to see your employees and customers feel safer?

Click or hover over our four key values to find out more.

According to Drinkaware, more than three quarters (79%) of females 18-24s think harassment is likely to happen to them/their female friends on a night out.

Sexual harassment, violence against women and spiking have become prevalent in society and within the night-time economy and can have a devasting effect on people’s lives, wellbeing, and safety, alongside the reputational damage to the industry.

A venue that has clear senior management commitment to the elimination of sexual harassment, violence against women and spiking, will be more likely to create the necessary culture required to drive a programme of activity, help employers meet legal requirements and set a shared vision for the organisation.

High level commitment to dealing with sexual harassment is critical to the success of the venues plans for managing the issue.

A venue that has a structured plan based on a framework for the management of sexual harassment, women’s safety and spiking will enable the organisation to understand a baseline of activity that is being undertaken and develop proportionate action plans, whilst providing re-assurance to stakeholders and oversight for senior management.

Having a defined strategy and action plans for the management of sexual harassment is essential for continuous improvement.

Continuous improvement includes horizon scanning, peer and partnership engagement and collaboration, identifying feedback from staff, customers and partners and a continuous review of the performance of the sexual harassment programme.

Establishing a continuous improvement mindset to support the short-, medium- and long-term plans of the venue which prioritises people’s safety.