How to know you have lost motivation/purpose

Published 01:01, 29/04/22

Jack Young

Learning when we lose purpose, we are still important and are important to others. It is a rough experience to lose your purpose, you could move out and start university, now you need to find where you stand with your: new roommates, coursemates, work structure etc. It is scary, but it can only get better from here.

It is time to focus on what you like and on what you are good at. You can find clubs nearby- a quiz team, a golf club, a sports club, car groups, etc. Social clubs are a good start, they are always welcoming to new people and easily found with a simple googling. Social clubs aren’t your thing, if you enjoy being creative explore your local area with your medium of choice i.e., photography- camera, drawing- sketchbook and pencil, etc. Or take your dog if you have one. It does not matter if you are new to the area or not but setting an intention for going out will make the walk more enjoyable, try setting yourself a wild/urban bingo as an intention for going on the walk. But what if you can’t or do not want to leave the house? Facebook community groups are a good start for getting online gaming. The main point is to get communicating- ideally with the local community in your area.

Volunteering for your community is another way to help find your purpose. Working for the community and expecting nothing back will help reinforce selfless acts. You can find volunteering opportunities via this link here –

But above most, you must be patient and kind to yourself. The learning process will be slow, and it may take a couple of months before you start feeling yourself. It is important that no matter the reason why you or someone else lost purpose, there is a way to get on track.

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