Failed Dates

Published 01:29, 29/04/22

Jack Young

Did you know that for men 1 in 8 dates are successful and for women, it is 1 in 7? That is a lot of failed dates, right? It is no one’s fault that a date fails, it just was not meant to be It is what it is. It is impossible for two people to be compatible.

Most people say, “you’ve just gotta get yourself out there” or “to look further afield.” But what happens when you reach 7 or 8 failed dates? It does not feel great, it can feel like you have nothing to offer someone and slowly, you can lose momentum. That is okay, it important to take breaks from dating much like you take time off work.

In that time, you take off and write down a date to get yourself back out there, a month or 6 months depending on how burnt out you feel. During that time, be available to dedicate one day a week to doing something you enjoy.

Now you have something interesting to talk about on your next date. Now here is the big but… you do not owe them anything and vice versa. The average woman does not sleep with their date till the third date, this is only an average, but it is less likely to sleep with a person on the first date. Now go out there and be yourself!


So, you failed at dating! That is okay, follow our step-by-step guide on how to get yourself back out there.

1. Delete all the numbers of the people you dated; you do not need them to contact you with a “U up?”
2. Make a list of everything you enjoy.
3. Make a dating bucket list (everything you want to do be you start dating again).
4. Cross off the unrealistic items you are not going to tame a unicorn in that period.
5. Get a calendar and lots of pens.
6. Randomly write down the things on your dating bucket list.
7. Now add the thing you enjoy.
8. Add an end date make sure to put lots of arrows around it and underline the end date at
least five times.
9. Now start crossing those things off.
10. Now you are ready for dating- tell your date all the things you did in that time go be

How to Date? 

1. Consider consent
2. Consider the other person
3. The moment you stop looking it turns up when you look you look too hard
4. The Dance – Who pays short answer split the bill- check out our article on how to avoid the dance.
5. Take ownership of your failures- it is a funny story

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