Into The Manosphere

Published 15:35, 09/02/22

Jack Young

The Manosphere is like the dark web for misogyny. It is predictable and filled with misleading
information. For those who don’t know what the Manosphere is, it’s a combination of online forums,
websites, blogs, and vlogs to which 90% of it promotes masculinity and misogyny. The other 10%
are men trying to give other men dating advice? These spaces are dominated by men’s rights
activists, father’s rights groups, and Incels groups. It is an online space that will most likely lead to
social suicide.

The Manosphere is formed from Toxic Masculinity and Toxic Masculinity sprouts from socialisation.
Most affected by Toxic Masculinity are men and straight, cisgender males. It can, however, affect
other types of men too.

Here are 5 signs you’ve ended up on the Manosphere:
1. Content about the Alpha/Beta Male.
2. The comments section has AWALT (All Women Are Like That) or EWALT (Enough Women
Are Like That).
3. “Taking the Red Pill” or “Red pilling” – The feeling of the world is stacked against them, but
they are acting.
4. “Taking the Black Pill” or “Black pilling” – The feeling that the world will always be stacked
against them no matter what they do.
5. Men pretending to be women to get advice- often about rape or mistreating women and
getting away with it.

There are many more ways you can spot the fact you have found your way to the manosphere, but
the important part is that you know what to do.

Cisgendered – You identify with your sex from birth; for example, if you were biologically born a male
and you identify with being a male
Misogyny- Hate crimes against Women
Nurture – The way people are taught
Incels – Involuntary Celibates- Believe Women are withholding them of sex.

Words by: Christine Kobrin