It’s time. To challenge sexual harassment, assault and night time economy risk. To champion safer dance venues. To change nightlife. For good.

The floor is yours.

Our aim is to improve experience, by better managing risk, so our spaces become safer and more enjoyable both emotionally and physically.

Night time economy risks such as sexual harassment are not just common, they are expected. Average night out antics and part of ‘the culture’ at the heart of a heady mix. But the floor is changing. And we are taking a stand.

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Your venue speaks VOLUMES.

Artists are speaking up, club-goers are demanding reform and venues are in the spotlight to deal with issues more effectively.

But as a venue, you’re not alone. Venues across the world are considering how to make dance floors safer. We want club-goers to be able to speak up. But we also want to give you the support and know-how to make your venue safe. So that you stand out from the crowd (for the right reasons).

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Moves to make it right.

The Safer Dance initiative gives you access to policies and procedures to promote safer dance in your venue. You’ll be in good company too.

Alongside DJ Rebekah (#FortheMusic) and venues such as Fabric London and the Invisible Wind Factory, you’ll get the tools you need to make the shift. To move to a model that stands up for safer dance.

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75% of young adults witness inappropriate comments or touching on a night out.

Make your move. Join the movement.

In Nov 2020, the Association for Electronic Music (AFEM) released a new industry code of conduct. The Safer Dance initiative helps you comply.

We provide policies, risk management procedures, education and training for your staff and stakeholders. So you protect your club-goers. And your reputation. Which, in our post-covid world, must prioritise customer safety more rigorously than ever.

Research & Data Analysis

Educational Resources

Support and guidance from Global experts

Implementation of up-to-date policies and procedures

Take the floor and make a stand for safer dance.

Use our free self assesment tool to understand any gaps and areas of improvement in respect of sexual harrasment, welfare and wider business risks. You will have the option to receive your results and discuss them with a Safer Dance representative; start your journey now!

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Statistics to make you think.

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